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Treble Fishing Hook

Treble Fishing Hook
Product Name : Treble Fishing Hook

   For Different Shapes and Constructions the Treble Hooks Can Be Round Bend Treble Hooks and O'SHAUGHNESSY Treble Hooks. The Wire Material of the Hooks Can Be High Strength Carbon Steel Or Stainless Steel, Also We Can Use Other Special Material for Different Requirements. Generally, The Electroplating Color of the Hooks Can Be White Nickle, Black Nickle,Red,Brown and So On. The Common Size of the Hooks are 3/0,2/0,1/0,1,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16. Also,We Can OEM Produce Special Sizes for Different Customers' Requirements.


  For Different Welding Technologies, the Treble Hooks Can Be"1+1+1"Welding and "2+1", Make Sure the Three Parts Are 120 Degrees with Each Other Wires.


  For the Fishing Hooks Points, There are Barbless Hooks and With-Barb Hooks Which Can Be Based on Customers' Needs. Also, the Hooks Points Can Be Chemically Processed that Make It Sharp Enough. For Wire Diameter of the Fishing Hooks, They Can be 2X Strong or 3X Strong or Even Lager Wire Diameter. Make is it Reasonable For Fishing!

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